Micro Wedding: The Big Trend About Going Small

What the heck is a Micro Wedding?

Micro Weddings – what are they? A Micro Wedding is the latest wedding related term that the hip, young tastemakers and influencers of the world wide web have coined. It’s pretty simple, but also it’s kind of fantastic!

Slightly bigger than an elopement and much smaller than a traditional wedding, Micro Weddings are intimate, fun, relaxed and an introvert’s dream. With a guest list numbering approximately 20 people or less, you can have much more quality time with your guests, save your money for some really quality and specialty items, and avoid ‘performing’ in front of a huge crowd. 


Just your closest few...

Micro Wedding guest lists number approximately 20 or fewer people, so rather than staring at your seating plan with the cold realisation that you’ve left great Aunty Marge off the invite list, and Cousin Louie will be sitting at the kids table with a crowd ten years his junior, you can invite and celebrate with those people closest to your heart.


  • Small and Intimate
  • Only your nearest and dearest need be there
  • You can actually talk to all of your guests!


Mid Week Magic

Micro Weddings are often mistakenly referred to (even by me on numerous occasions before now) as elopements. Well, yes and no. Technically an elopement is the marrying couple heading off to get hitched in secret, and then returning with the big news, but the two options do share many similarities, such as heading to a special location with just a few of your crew and a certain amount of exclusivity. Your Micro Wedding can also borrow a leaf out of the ol’ elopement book by being on a weekday. Let’s face it, there are only 52 Saturdays in a year, with many couples vying for the same venues, celebrants, florists, and photographers, midweek dates are cheaper and more flexible. 


  • Cheaper and More Flexible
  • Less Competition for Vendors and Venues
  • Feels like Eloping without hurt feelings


Quality over Quantity

Weddings. Are. Expensive.

Yep, I know, it’s a novel insight, but I tell you, I speak the truth. When your guest list is small, however, your resources don’t have to be spread so thin. Really, really want that champagne tower but can’t justify 150 glasses worth? You can for 20 people. Desperately want lobster, oysters, and a cake larger than you for the reception? Go for it! You’ll also be able to sit down with all of your guests and have a good conversation, without feeling like you’ve whirled your way through the crowd. 


  • Get to splurge on what you really want
  • More quality time with your guests
  • Champagne Tower, I mean, come on