And Now for Something Completely Different

Fun, Alternative, and Quirky Wedding Ideas

I have been lucky enough to witness some truly beautiful weddings.

Just stunning. Incredible floral displays, gorgeous outfits, spectacular backdrops.

However, if I were to be offered the gig as celebrant for a Zombie themed wedding, I’d be getting out the fake blood and viscera faster than you could say “dear god, not the legs, not the legs, aaahhhh.”

The great thing we are realising about modern weddings is that they don’t have to be run exactly like your Mum’s wedding. They can be funny, they don’t have to be solemn, and they don’t have to be exactly like everyone else’s. If you want to walk down the aisle to the Jaws theme tune, then hustle your way down, sista. If you want to pepper your vows with references to your fandom, or inside jokes, go for it! If you want to arrive hand in hand together, then rock on. 

So, how do you include some fun and alternative elements into your wedding? Well, here are 15 ideas to whet your appetite…

    Wedding Caricaturist

    Image from The Art of Comics

    1. Instead of a Flower Girl, give the guests along the aisle individual cups of petals to throw over you both as you walk back down the aisle. 

    2. Looking for a mid wedding ritual? How about mixing a signature wedding cocktail, then each taking a sip!

    3. Get a Caricaturist or artist for fun guest mementos. Photo Booths have been on the wedding scene for a while now, so why not change it up a little by getting an artist or cartoonist for your reception! 

    4. Make up a special and alternate bouquet by collecting a flower from particularly close friends or family members as you walk down the aisle, then tying them together to kick off the ceremony, to signify arriving at the ‘altar’ with those important people alongside you.

    5. Get all of your guests involved and participating, by having them all shout “We Do!” when asked who presents the couple to be married. This is a nice update to an old fashioned wedding inclusion, and helps your guests feel so much more a part of the day. 

    6. Anniversary Piñata: Have your guests write a nice note (or whatever you like) and pop it in the piñata. Then on your anniversary, whack that thing until it reveals all of it’s secrets.

    7. Here’s a fun and alternate twist on the formalities: Take away the trouble of picking who your official witnesses are by having two names picked out of a hat at the ceremony! It’s fun, spontaneous, and takes the pressure off the choice.

    8. Tailor your vows or I Dos: “I promise to never watch the next episode on a series without you, to try and not leave my dirty socks scattered all over the house, and to tell you when you have something in your teeth.”

    9. While you and your witnesses are signing the official marriage documents, have drinks circulated to your guests so that when you return to be presented, they can all cheers to you!

    10. Many venues don’t allow confetti due to the impossible nature of cleaning it up (especially when there’s glitter involved!), so instead have paper plane confetti! Guests make or grab an already made paper plane, maybe add a nice message to it and set it loose over your heads.

    11. Don’t have a suitable Flower Girl? Think again! Grandmas make great flower girls. Or how about a Flower Boy?

    Grandma Flowergirls

    Image from Genevieve Leiper

    Wedding Jenga

    Image from Hey Wedding Lady

    12. Begin or end the ceremony in a torrent of celebratory noise by giving guests party-store tambourines, kazoos, and other noisemakers so they can jam while you walk out.

    13. Food trucks. Need I say more? Food Trucks are a great catering alternative and so much fun! Be it Donut truck, or pizzas, drinks on tap, or burritos to go. 

    14. Not a dessert person? Avoid the classic wedding cake and instead, have a Cheese Cake (layers of delicious cheese!)

    15. Entertain your guests while you’re off getting official photos by setting up lawn games! Life size Jenga, Quoits, Croquet will keep them happy and busy until you come back!

    Anndd… you guessed it! Let’s end on some zombies. 


    Image from SvenStudios